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At least he’s not boring.

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As much as I enjoy having you spend the night at my house, could we please, for once, talk about something other than how tedious you find Jonathan?

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Friday: Lucy Westenra in honor of Dracula day [The Katie Week Meme]


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Lucy has a crush on Mina. For Katie, this meant a “chemistry read” with Australian actress Jessica de Gouw (Arrow) who plays Mina. “Thank God she’s good-looking” – there’s that glint again – “I’m going to get in trouble for saying that!”

1) My dearest Mina - Oceans of love and millions of kisses.

2) Jonathan asks me to send his “respectful duty”… And so, as you love me, and he loves me, and I love you with all the moods and tenses of the verb, I simply send you his “love” instead. Goodbye, my dearest Lucy, and blessings on you.

I am here for all you have to offer, NBC Dracula.

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